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Parent Parking

Parent Parking

The carpark is located on Durham Street. Although it is located next to the school it is not a designated school car park. It belongs to Campbelltown City Council and therefore is available for the community to access on weekends and after school hours.

All signs must be observed and adhered to at all times


The speed limit within the car park is 5km per hour.


Access into the carpark must be via the Entry driveway (Guernsey Ave end) and departure must be via the Exit driveway (Pembroke Rd end)as the carpark is one way only.


There are 2 designated disability parking spaces. These spaces are not to be used at any time unless you have a disability permit displayed and the holder of this permit is in the vehicle.


There is an access gate for staff into the school site from the carpark stairs. This is for school employees only.