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Commitment to Healing Country

Our Commitment to Healing Country

As a school community we recognise the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the rich culture and traditions that have existed on this land for thousands of years. We passionately feel that we all have a part in healing our country and to ensure the culture of our first nations people truly belongs. Educating our students and community about the true history of the first nations people, restoring traditional language, dance, song and customs of the traditional custodians of the land is pivotal truly beginning the process of this healing.

We acknowledge the Dharawal people, the traditional custodians of the land on which Passfield Park school sits, we pay our respects to the elders past, present and future and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that visit our school. In paying our respect and building future knowledge, our blocks have been named after the land on which our schools sits and our neighbouring nations; Dharug on the north-west, Yuin in the south and Eora to north-east.

Totems are spiritual emblems for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, so each block has a symbol linked to the traditional totems for the nation.

Dharug - Infants Classrooms

Dharug is an inland nation, the block totem is the kangaroo. Class names reflect animals found on Dharug country; Echidna, Dingo, Koala and Wombat.

Yuin - Infants & Primary Classrooms

Yuin block is a coastal nation with the black duck as totem. Australian aquatic life inspired the class names; Crocodile, Dugong, Platypus and Yabby.

Dharawal - Primary Classrooms

Dharawal, our home nation has the lyre bird for their totem. Australian birdlife continues the theme, with class names of; Emu, Kookaburra, Lorikeet and Magpie.

Eora - High School Classrooms

Eora nation, our northern neighbour with the block totem of waratah.  The classrooms names are inspired by the Eora land of the royal botanical garden; Banksia, Eucalyptus, Grevillea and Wattle.