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Assisted School Travel (AST)

Assisted school travel

To be considered for Assisted School Travel (AST), students will have an identified disability. The transport needs of each student are established on an individual basis and in collaboration with parents/carers and the student where appropriate.

Assessment of need for access to AST will be based on:

  • Parent/carers demonstrated inability to provide or arrange transport either fully or in part, and
  • Inability to access and/or use public transport with reasonable safety, e.g. challenging behaviour, or¬†whether public transport requires multiple conveyances, or
  • Dependent mobility enrolled in an educational facility approved by DEC, Independent Schools Association/Catholic Education Commission.¬†

Parents will need to complete an application form at the school attaching a letter outlining their personal situation. The application will be forwarded to AST for determination of access to transport.

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